The Drone

First update, in this image we have Lucy’s first encounter with The Drone, it follows her through out the whole animation, this is the first time they meet and she does not know weather it is friend or foe. This may not be the final design of The Drone.

Hello world! My name is Martin,

I’ve created this blog so you can keep track of the progress on my short animated film I Saw The Sky (It’s a trilogy). And so that I can receive some feedback, input and reach a greater audience before it’s final release. Hope you’ll enjoy reading through this.

The Story in a nutshell:

I Saw the sky, a short animated sci-fi trilogy about a young girl named Lucy (19 years old) who went on the journey of a lifetime found ultimate absolution. Her journey began at the brink of Mankind’s struggle in a war against heavens angels.

The story takes place in the not so distant post apocalyptic future. The earth is desolate and the sky is mostly covered by a dark cloud.